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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





City of Bishop press release

Meteorologists count the first day of September as the first day of fall, and the first day of fall is a good day to start cutting back on the heavy summer irrigation season.


The City of Bishop appreciates the help of its water customers in conserving water. Days are noticeably shorter and not quite as hot as they were just a month ago. This means Bishop water customers can irrigate lawns and landscaping less.

Reducing irrigation in the fall is important to meet state-mandated water conservation levels and to avoid fines. As the days continue to rapidly shorten and – more slowly – get cooler into the fall, less and less irrigation will be needed. Be sure to adjust watering practices and irrigation timers every week or so to water less.

The State of California required that the City of Bishop implement water conservation measures to achieve the state-required 25% reduction in water use in 2015 compared to 2013. The water conservation measures in place in the City of Bishop can be found at

In December, the city will have to report to the state how well its users have conserved water. The city could be subject to $10,000 per day fines if it doesn’t meet the 25% reduction in water use.

The city has an incentive program to help its water customers save water. The program provides free hose nozzles, hose timers, and irrigation system timers and provides rebates for some sprinkler systems and water conserving appliances. The incentives are available only to water customers of the City of Bishop and are limited to one per customer account.

Saving water saves money, reduces water rates, protects groundwater, is the right thing to do, and is now required by the state. Contact the City of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information on water conservation and the City’s water system.