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The City of Bishop requests that its water customers conserve water and refrain from irrigating, in particular, Monday night when power will be out at the city’s main water wells.

watch your water water usage

Southern California Edison plans to have power out to most of the Bishop area Monday night. The outage is planned from 9 pm Monday, 9 October, to 6 am Tuesday, 10 Octoberand will affect the city’s supply of water.

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Even though this outage will not affect downtown Bishop, it will affect the area surrounding downtown including the city’s main water supply wells. While power is out, all water used in the city will have to come from water stored in the city’s storage tank located about 3 miles west of the city on West Line Street.

To keep from emptying that tank before the night is over, the City of Bishop asks its customers to conserve water Monday night and, since most water goes to irrigation, especially to turn off automatic sprinklers that may be scheduled to run during the outage time.

Most of downtown Bishop is on City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power electrical service so won’t be affected by this SCE outage. The city has a backup well that will be able to run in the case of emergency during the SCE outage.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at[email protected] or 760-873-8458.

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