City of Bishop to present ‘State of the City’

We’re all familiar with the pomp of the State of the Union, a rundown of national achievements and future goals delivered annually by the President. Bishop’s version, the state of the city, will be delivered by staff at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The presentation will recap the last two fiscal years, focusing on “where we are and where we’re going,” said City Administrator Jim Tatum. “There’s going to be a lot of information.”

Tatum said the presentation, including a Power Point and department reports will take about an hour during a meeting with a relatively short agenda.

The Council normally meets on Mondays, but this week’s session was moved to Tuesday because of Monday’s Indigenous People’s Day.


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6 years ago

I got this ! In ten years we’ll still have no airport, no finished sidewalks and our newly elected supervisor promising he will look into securing more grants.