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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





Silent playgrounds and empty classrooms today, as a power outage lead to unplanned days off for Bishop Elementary School District students and staff. Pine Street, Elm Street and Home Street School were all empty today after crews were unable to get the power back on.

Superintendent Barry Simpson reports that the power went out Saturday night. When Edison crews investigated, they found the problem in the main circuit breaker at the school.

Administration staff went to work Monday, but without power the phones were out. When we stopped by to find out more, staff reported that the parts needed to restore electricity wouldnt arrive in Bishop until Tuesday.

Without power, Simpson explained that there would be no heat and no cafeteria. Simpson reports that there was no way to safely educate the students, so school was cancelled.

School will be cancelled tomorrow as well. Simpson reports that staff schedules for one snow day a year, but the school may have to create a make up day later this year.