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The Museum of Western Film History, Inyo County Ministerial Alliance, Bishop Ministerial Association, Healthy Communities and the Inyo Council for the Arts have teamed up to bring a unique opportunity to the youth of Inyo County. Joining with the Christian Youth Film Society, based out of Bakersfield, Inyo County youth will be invited to participate in an Alabama Hills Film Camp this fall.

The Christian Youth Film Society, founded in 1994 has worked with Christian youth in the Bakersfield area to create a two-part film camp program: The first, a day workshop and seminar titled “Script to Screen” where the students learn all about how to write a great screenplay. We’ll begin with an understanding the Christian worldview and proceed to brainstorming an outstanding story idea, story structure, creating characters that engage the audience, writing crisp and interesting dialogue, and other conventions that will make each story come alive for an audience. The students, then working with professional writing coaches, develop their scripts over a week-long period.

Part two, typically the following week, has the students, working in teams, spend all weekend producing a high quality short movie from one of the scripts they’ve written. Instructors guide them through acting, directing, shooting, lighting, and editing.

Their film projects are then shown to all the student and an audience.

This amazing film making experience will add up to over 40 hours of interactive, intense, challenging, and practical film production. All the while teaching teenagers healthy competition, creative communication, cooperative teamwork, and spiritual integrity.

Student Film Camp Comes to the Alabama Hills Fall 2016

Based out of the Museum of Western Film History, the students will be introduced to the Alabama Hills, where hundreds of movies and TV shows have been filmed and where they will select location(s) for their films.
Film Camp students will be immersed in film history from the over 400 Westerns shot in the Alabama Hills featuring stars like Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and John Wayne. Other movies like Cary Grant in Gunga Din, Kevin Bacon in Tremors, and Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man were also filmed in the Alabama Hills. Students selected in the Bakersfield area and Inyo County will participate in the “Script to Screen” workshops on their respective weekends (see below) and then come together to form teams to produce a 10 minute short movie for entry into competition.
This special film camp, based out of Lone Pine will add another full day to the standard format and will involve spending three nights “camping out” in the Lone Pine community, which will support the students with food and lodging.

Part 1 – Screenwriting Workshop: Oct. 29th in Bakersfield; Nov. 5th in Lone Pine (
During this eight-hour workshop, students will learn all about story; worldview, elements, devices, dialogue, conflict, and resolution. They will write a script using industry standard format and polish their script until Nov. 10th (includes access to professional writing coaches).

Part 2 – Production Film Camp: November 10-13 in Lone Pine Thursday evening, November 10, will be a get acquainted time with all the young filmmakers and their instructors. The writers from the previous writing workshops will present their scripts and two or more will be chosen for production. The selected scripts’ writers will be made producer of their projects, respectively, and will guide theirs to completion by the end of the weekend.

Friday morning will begin with a Masters Class style demonstration of running a film set. Immediately following will be a series of classes that will include all the elements of filmmaking: cinematography, lighting, acting, directing, casting, pre-production, etc. with the specific weekend scripts in mind.

The producers will then form their cast and crews from the participants and be released to begin production on their movies. Production will continue through Sunday noon. (Sunday will also consist of an interdenominational Christian worship service.)
Sunday afternoon the filmmakers will begin and complete post-production on their projects to ready them for screening at the Lone Pine High School auditorium (time TBD) with awards post-screening.

Cost of Participation ($200) includes screen writing workshop and production camp.

The film camp is open to young people ages 10-18. Application must be completed online and is available at Applications must be submitted by October 19, 2016. See website for details. (Participation is limited to 24 students).

While the participants pay a nominal fee to attend, the program is underwritten by contributions from supporters and sponsors. Interested persons and companies are asked to can contact Joe Brown, Executive Director of the Christian Youth Film Society. The fall 2016 program is seeking contributions of $6500 to help underwrite the program for the 24 students.

Sponsors get advertisement at the Film Camp as well as at their annual Festival in March which is held in Bakersfield, CA. Checks should be payable to C.Y.F.S.
For those interested in donating directly to the program please click here to give online or text to give 661-221-7201. Your gift may also be mailed to CYFS, PO BOX 1474, Bakersfield, CA. 93302

Additional information about the Christian Youth Film Society and the Film Camp can be found at the website given above or through the contacts below.
Joe L Brown
PO Box 1474
Bakersfield, CA 93302
[email protected]
Kathryn Fielder
PO Box 111
Lone Pine, CA 93545
[email protected]

Q. What are the funds raised through supporters and sponsorship used for?
A. The Christian Youth Film Society, for over twelve years has sponsored youth based writer’s workshops and film camps in the Bakersfield area. These activities carry with them a nominal tuition fee to cover administrative costs, teachers, camera and editing equipment and computers and respective production and editing software. An approximate $100 tuition per student is complemented by typically a $100 supportive fund per student to cover these and related expenses for the weekend. In some cases, students are provided financial assistance that is also funded through support funds.

The program in Inyo County will be the first outreach program for the group. As such there are additional expenses that are being factored in to assure a successful event. The tuition has been increased to $200 and matching funds are being projected to cover additional expenses related to rooms and meals for the three overnights associated with the camp in Lone Pine. (If housing becomes available, the budget will be reduced accordingly)

Hotel rooms and meals will also be needed for 2 teachers (possibly a third depending upon registration) and funds to cover the expenses for chaperones, (1:8 ratio).
Finally, even at a nominal $200 tuition, some students might need financial assistance. For a camp of 24 kids, the typical budget anticipates half price scholarships will be needed for six students and full scholarships will be needed for two.
Q. Can I attend only one Part? If so, will the fee be reduced?
A. You may choose to attend either Part 1 or 2 however we won’t be able to reduce the fee.
Q. I’m from out of town. Will you provide lodging?
A. Students will spend nights on the floor of the church supervised by qualified chaperones.
Q. I’m older than 22. Can I still attend?
A. Yes, but Film Camps are designed by experienced youth workers specifically for ages 12-22.

Get ready for fun!