Chris Bubser | Candidate for House Seat Holds Virtual Q&A Through Inyo 350

Chris Bubser, Candidate for 8th Congressional Seat, held a Virtual Meeting with Inyo 350, which has, along with its national organization, endorsed her candidacy.

(Important Disclosure: Chris Bubser was endorsed by Inyo 350 before the virtual meeting and later by the state as well.)

Chris Bubser lives in the Eastern Sierra. Mammoth has been her primary residence since January 2019 and she has owned a home there for 14 years. She has been an active volunteer with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra for years and her children were on the Ski Team for eight years.

Last Monday, August 10th, INYO 350 hosted a virtual meeting with Chris Bubser, the Democratic candidate for the 8th District Congressional seat . Her opponent is Jay Olbernolte, Republican from Big Bear Lake, Calif. Current Congressman Paul Cook is not running for re-election.

Bubser worked in the bio-tech industry and took the leap to politics in 2017. “I knew Obamacare was in danger,” she said. “I went to DC to work with people with health issues.” Her leap into politics was spurred by frustration.

Here’s a sampling of the Q&A:

How would she address voter disenfranchisement? Bubser supports the Voters Right Act, voting by mail and automatic voter registration.

The Green New Deal: “It’s an incredible idea but isn’t currently in the form of legislation.” She’s supportive of alternative energy sources but wants the energy to be used locally. She would support elements of the Green New Deal. “Young people have concern for the future. Climate is really important, we’re running out of time.”

Mining on Conglomerate Mesa: I’ll chain myself to the rocks to prevent it.

What about small businesses?  We need to be small business focused. It’s ridiculous the CARE act money went to big corporations. Small businesses provide opportunity to women and minorities. Small business wasn’t helped by the tax cut or by the CARES act.

On the fact this is the first time the Federal government is running a deficit during an economic upsurge:

Economists are having a fit. Republicans have a set of principles but they’re not acting on them.

How is she going to convince the rest of the district to vote for you?

Bubser admitted she’s focusing her outreach in the southern part of her district that includes parts of San Bernardino because that’s where the votes are.  She noted the registered Republicans in the district has dropped seven percentage points. “The demographics are changing. People are moving to the High Desert for affordable housing.”

How about her “reachability” by her constituents:

When people ask questions, I’ll do what I can to answer. I’ll hire staff that will work with our constituents and be responsive. Everybody matters.

In her closing remarks, she thanked those in attendance, telling them to wear masks and stay safe.


KSRW is trying to contact her opponent, Republican Jay Obernolte. The contact phone number on his web page is non-response, but we’ll keep trying.


6 Responses to Chris Bubser | Candidate for House Seat Holds Virtual Q&A Through Inyo 350

  1. Erich August 18, 2020 at 6:52 am #

    350 refers to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere needed to keep earth temperatures at 1 degree above normal on average. Luckily for the oil and coal companies, no one seems to believe scientists who have been sounding the alarms for years. Our current numbers are well above 400. Is is hot enough for you yet? Politics aside, the science will still be there.

  2. BobK August 17, 2020 at 9:53 am #

    Fishinday395: That’s the best response on a political post that I have read here in a long time. it starts with the locals and goes all the way to the top. Thanks.

  3. Jerry Hahn August 16, 2020 at 9:46 am #

    Just what we need….. another leftist regulator. She and her leftist ideals are not the values and ideals of Inyo County. VOTE NO!!!

    • Eastside Local August 16, 2020 at 12:03 pm #

      And just as I stated on this website (which received a number of ‘thumbs down’) Inyo350 WILL NOT hold a virtual meeting with Obernolte because it’s a leftist socialist PAC. Reading the Q&A I’ve been proven correct (again). I also previously stated “Obernolte will win the election.” 79 days until I’m proven correct again.

      • Philip Anaya August 17, 2020 at 8:24 am #

        The Federal Government owns 92% of the lands of Inyo County. Left, right or center Inyo County needs a voice in Congress that protects the environment. Jay Obernolte does not have a great scorecard in Sacramento when it comes to environmental concerns. Ms.Bubser has been endorsed by a broad based environmental community. Inyo350 is a group of Inyo folks with environmental concerns. If folks who support Mr. Obernolte want to see a virtual Q&A with Mr. Obernolte that would be a great service to the voters here in Inyo County to make a determination of how he would represent us all. The Eastern Sierra has long been ignored in the gerrymander of congressional districts and its values and ideals will not be worth a penny until we have a Representative who can find a way to be responsive to folks and to the community here in Inyo County

    • FishinDay395! August 16, 2020 at 8:09 pm #

      Mr. Hahns comment here is the perfect example of why we continue to make no progress and are so far divided in this country. The Right is so far dug in right and the Left is so far dug in that there is no attempt to work together to find common ground and actually accomplish something. We’re all entitled to our own opinions,that’s the greatness our country is based on.The problem we’re seeing now these days though is we’ve thrown out all decency and any attempt to listen to each other with respect. There’s no attempt from either side to try and find sensible solutions without bashing each other first. We need to take a step back in this country and start simply listening to each other, respecting each other, and working together, instead of immediately bashing each other. Here’s to the future hopefully revealing cooler and more sensible heads because this has really gotten out of control.


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