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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





What started as a stop on two men riding a motorcycle without helmets ended in a pursuit by law enforcement both in a car and on foot.

The CHP said that last Friday morning, and officer saw a red and white Honda dirt bike cross the highway with both the driver and passenger not wearing helmets. A CHP officer tried to stop the driver, but he said the driver tried to flee on the motorcycle. Two other CHP units arrived on seen and they all tried to overtake the fleeing subje3cts on Miller Rd.

The passenger on the motorcycle fled the scene on foot near Oak Creek. The driver tried to continue fleeing when the motorcycle was disabled by sage brush near Oak Creek. The driver, 19 year old Kenneth Dodds of Independence was taken into custoy and booked at the Inyo County jail. The passenger, 19 year old James Daniel Hube3r was also arrested and booked.