CHP, Inyo SAR sharpen helicopter rescue skills

Inyo County Sheriff’s Office press release 

Inyo County Search and Rescue and Inyo County Sheriff’s Office would like to extend their gratitude to the CHP H-80 flight crew for conducting an excellent two-day helicopter training on June 3rd and 4th.

 Two CHP pilots and two flight officers flew up from Apple Valley for the weekend to train Inyo SAR in helicopter safety, familiarize the team with the capabilities of CHP helicopter crews, and practice skills necessary for extractions and insertions by helicopter in remote areas.

 Over the course of the weekend, the team trained on entering and exiting the helicopter and using the hoist to extract both immobile patients in a litter, and mobile patients via the “Hot Seat” or harness. The helicopter crew and Inyo SAR also practiced inserting and extracting team members into areas where the helicopter can’t land by hoisting SAR members on and off the island at Millpond Park.

 The training provided a great chance for both CHP and Inyo SAR to familiarize each other with their skills, equipment, and knowledge, as well as an important opportunity to gain rapport and build relationships outside of stressful, often rushed rescues.

 A special thanks is extended to the H-80 crew for taking the time to put together such a useful and exceptional training, and all the SAR members who volunteered their weekend to improve their skills.

 The Inyo SAR team works in cooperation with and under the authority of the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department. If you are interested in joining Inyo SAR, check out the Inyo SAR website at for more information on the team.

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