fairgrounds.jpgReports indicate that officers from the California Highway Patrol Investigative Services Unit have come to the Bishop area this week as part of their investigation into reports of possible embezzlement at the Tri-County Fairgrounds.

At the end of August, Officer Mario Lopez, Public Information Officer from the CHP Investigative Services Unit told Sierra Wave Media that officers were looking into the report of possible missing funds at the fairgrounds. At that time, Officer Lopez said he could not conclude that a crime of embezzlement or any other crime had occurred. He did say the CHP was collecting statements and evidence.

The investigation of the alleged crime went to the CHP because the fairgrounds is a state-owned facility. This week, informed sources said officers had come to Bishop to question people in relation to the possible crime. When asked if he would prosecute any criminal case if filed, Inyo District Attorney Tom Hardy said it was his belief that his office would handle any such case.

In August, when asked how much money is missing, Tri-County Fair Board President Sam Dean said he didn’t know. It is known that Fairgrounds’ employee, Rebecca Bragdon, was placed on paid, administrative leave.

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