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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





childabuseposterSo far this year, Wild Iris has documented a 30% increase in child abuse reports for Inyo-Mono over last year. That disturbing news came out at last week’s Mammoth Town Council meeting when Susi Bains of Wild Iris talked to the Council about April as Child Abuse Prevention month.

Asked what Wild Iris sees as the cause of the increase, anise said they don’t really know why but speculate that the economy has something to do with it. “Any time there is tension in the home, people can lose control.” Bains said it seems there are more domestic violence reports this year over last, possibly for the same reason. “People lose jobs, have less money and more stress,” said Bains.

She also pointed to a higher awareness of the ability to report abuse as a contributing factor to the increased percentage. Bains added that “One thing we’ve always tried to point out is that abuse and domestic violence are not family problems. They are social problems. We all need to help.”

Bains said that even if someone just suspects they are being abused, they can call Wild Iris to talk it over. “It’s normal to minimize what’s going on,” said Bains. She said all calls to Wild Iris are confidential. “Our goal is to keep people safe,” said Bains.

The Wild Iris hot line is 877-873-7384. Those who need help can go to the Bishop office at 386 W. Line St. or the Mammoth office in Sierra Center Mall. No appointment needed. There are also offices open part-time in Lone Pine and Coleville.