The 37 year old man accused to stealing numerous items in Mammoth Lakes will now face multiple felonies related to thefts, according to Deputy District Attorney Todd Graham.

Shawn Snyder was living in a trailer outside Bishop when officers caught up with him and said they found stolen goods in his vehicle. Snyder was on parole for earlier charges in Mono County and was placed on a parole hold in Inyo County jail.

Deputy DA Graham said he expected formal charges would be filed against Snyder in Mono County court today (Wednesday). Snyder may also face charges in Inyo County at some point.

Earlier this week, an off duty Mammoth Lakes Police Officer had spotted Snyder’s vehicle in Bishop. Bishop Police found the vehicle and impounded it along with a lap top computer which fit the description of a computer stolen from Mammoth Lakes Library in 2006.

Other stolen items found in Snyder’s possession, according to police, are racing shocks, climbing gear, a Yakima Space Box and a bicycle – all reportedly stolen from Mammoth Lakes.

Graham said Snyder would most likely be transferred to the Mono County jail once charges were filed. Snyder will appear for a court arraignment Tuesday, March 18th.

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