Inyo Supervisor Richard Cervantes was resting well today, according to family members, after being hospitalized Tuesday night in Northern Inyo Hospital.


5th District Inyo Supervisor Richard Cervantes

Cervantes’ wife, Kathie, said he’s doing fine. She said it’s a physical problem he’s had before. Mrs. Cervantes said she expected to bring her husband home in the next day or so. Will he go back to work soon? Mrs. Cervantes said, “Knowing him, he’ll go back to work next Tuesday.”

Supervisor Cervantes recently appeared at the Independence meeting on the courthouse building controversy. He strongly supported keeping the $30 million court building in Independence. Cervantes pointed out that the people of southern Inyo had long anticipated the new court building in Independence, a project in the works for some time.

Cervantes also told the two judges that the public had no input into the reported transfer of the project to Bishoop. He also pointe dout that the South County is the economic engine of Inyo government, producing over 60% of the revenue for the County.