Certified Election Results for Inyo and Mono County Races

Final Election Summary Report

The results of the November 8 general election are now official. Inyo County’s results were
certified as of November 23. The only significant change for Inyo was in the District 3 race for the Board of Supervisors: Scott Marcellin overcame Kody Jaeger.

 Trini Orrill, District 1 Supervisor
 Stephanie Rennie, Inyo County Sheriff
School District races
 Big Pine: Kami Bayer and Adelina Rico
 Bishop: Claudia Tanner, Virginia Figueroa, Josh Nicholson
 Owens Valley: Joey Peterson, Allie Wheeler, Alisa Lynch
 Lone Pine: Scott William Kemp, Krista McRay-Sullivan, Rachel Yourgules
Mammoth Town Council: Chris Bubser, John Wentworth and Amanda Rice

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Nottingham Boy
Nottingham Boy
2 months ago

It seems the surest way to lose an election in these parts is to be temporarily appointed to the contested post by the Board of Supervisors.

Like Obenberger in Mono County.

And then – fortunately for us – get beat by a thoughtful and principled woman.

2 months ago

Ugh, if “Didn’t Vote” was a candidate for District 3 Inyo County Supe, they would have won by 24 votes.