Letter to the editor: CERT goes into action

MLPD 3-23-10Mammoth Lakes CERT Responds to assist during the 4-24-12 phone service interruption
Harry White, Mammoth Lakes CERT PIO
On Monday, April 23, 2012, the telephone lines went down producing an emergency communication situation in Mammoth Lakes (Mono County), California; which included no emergency-911, Internet or landline service being available to the residents of this rural, resort community. In the first hours of this emergency, the Mammoth Lakes Police Department requested assistance from the Town of Mammoth Lakes CERT. The CERT Team worked the counter at the police station until 10:00PM, with fifteen members taking shifts addressing concerns of residents, community members and visitors who were asking questions and/or who were needing service assistance.
Town of Mammoth Lakes CERT had emergency responder hand held radios charged and available so that CERT members could communicate with the first responders and each other during the emergency; and local radio stations made announcements on where to go for assistance during the emergency.
Mammoth Lakes community members interested in emergency self-help or wanting to join our CERT Team are welcome to attend monthly meetings held on the third Monday of each month at the Best Western, Main Street beginning at 6:00PM. Our next CERT Training Academy is scheduled for September 2012; the training is free of charge and teaches disaster and emergency preparedness. More information may be found at www.tomlcert.com or by calling 760-933-8262. You may also follow Town of Mammoth Lakes CERT on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/townofmammothlakescert

Harry R. White
Mammoth Lakes CERT PIO

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mlcert - pio
mlcert - pio
11 years ago

Sierra Wave,

Thank you for posting our CERT press releases – public service announcements, you provide a great community service.