Cell Service Deal For Crowley Lake Residents Falls Through

Crowley Lake residents waiting for cell service in their community will have to wait longer.

Mono Supervisor Hap Hazard reports that a Verizon deal to possibly build a cell tower that would provide service has fallen through.

As it stands now, cell service stops just off the highway in the Crowley area. Hazard says that for the past five years Mono County has worked with various cell phone providers in an effort to get cell service in the community. At one point, the county had arranged for space to build a cell tower at the Crowley Fire Department, but that deal with a company fell through too.

Hazard says that until recently there had been hope that Verizon Wireless would purchase space for a tower from the separate land line side of the Verizon company. That deal has now crumbled.

Hazard says that Mono County has offered companies space at county facilities, but so far the county is still looking for a company willing to bring cell coverage to the area.

Verizon Wireless officials confirm that the deal fell through but do say that the company continues to work on cell service for the Crowley Lake area. Verizon officials say that staff is currently looking at an alternative site and should have more details soon.

In the meantime, residents will continue to live without service.


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