Cell phones create issues here and in Sacramento

Private citizens are not the only ones with concerns over AT&T phone service. Inyo County government and workers have issues too.

County Administrator Kevin Carunchio confirmed that Information Services Director Brandon Schultz had sent around a county email asking workers not to activate AT&T replacement phones when they receive them. Schultz says not to return the phones. Just hold onto them.

Seems Inyo County has asked for official information from AT&T on rates but has received nothing. Carunchio said that the County has gone through a Request for Proposals on cell phone rates from local providers but has no answers.

Carunchio said the County has concerns that phone activation might trigger a two-year contract with set rates. “We need answers,” said Carunchio. IT Director Schultz said ironically the RFP information form AT&T contains no contact phone numbers. As for the cost of the 155 cell phones for Inyo County employees, Schultz said it adds up to around $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

We have placed a call to Mono County government administration to see if Mono also has an AT&T issue.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown called on agency and department heads to turn in 48,000 state-issued cell phones by June first. Brown says it will save $20 million a year. Governor Brown himself said he would hand in his state-issued cell phone this week.


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