Cause of Conway Fire

Photos by R.D. Cohan

Photo by R.D. Cohan

Cause of Conway Fire Determined to Be Vehicle-Related

Investigators have determined the cause of the Conway Fire to be vehicle-related –  a blown tire. The fire is 50 acres and will be fully contained today.  Fire officials emphasized the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

The fire started south of Conway Summit on the west side of Highway 395.

In addition, there were two small fires south of the Sherwin Grade along Highway 395 on Sunday, September 14th. These fires, which were quickly contained, were also determined to be vehicle-related.

“This is an excellent reminder that proper vehicle maintenance is crucial to prevent unwanted fires during in this critical drought,” said Steve Nelson, Field Manager for the Bureau of Land Management, Bishop Field Office.

Vehicles can start fires in numerous ways: failing breaks, blown tires, faulty catalytic converters, or improperly towed recreational vehicles.

Steps you can take to prevent vehicle-related fires include:

  • Maintain proper tire pressure and make sure your tires have good tread
  • Practice safe towing: dragging chains throw sparks
  • Give your vehicle a check-up—this helps ensure your vehicle is in good working order to prevent overheating
  • Make sure nothing is dragging on your vehicle
  • Check your brakes—overheated brakes can cause sparks
  • Avoid parking on grass or brush; hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start a fire.


Visit One Less Spark’s vehicle maintenance page for more information:

Vehicle are a common cause of wildland fires and motorists are often far down the road and unaware they have cause

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