Cary Shibley Remembered

Family and friends remember Cary Shibley who passed away at her home in Crowley Lake Tuesday. She was 38 years of age.

Cary grew up in Crowley Lake and loved the outdoors, cycling and snowboarding, along with bonding with her father and brother during all day fishing trips. She also enjoyed long hikes with her mother.

She was fearless in her sports, conquering many a trail on her dirt bike. Family writes that Cary had an easygoing personality and a giving heart.

Her love for dogs and their owners carried over into her business, Spoiled Rotten Pet Grooming in Mammoth Lakes, and cared deeply about her customers. Cary had the ability to work with any animals temperament to connect and calm four legged friends.

Loved ones write that her beautiful spirit will endure in the minds and hearts of those who know and love her.
Cary Shibley is survived by her parents, Brian and Kathy Shibley of Crowley, her brother Steve Shibley of Bishop, and extended family throughout California and Nevada.


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