Car vs. House = DUI in Bishop

You might be surprised at the number of drunk drivers that don’t hit trees or other cars, but literally, houses!  (See Collision Report at bottom of page.)

Press Release CHP Bishop Office:

On 07-03-2020 at approximately 7:14 AM, Scott Burritt of Bishop, CA, was traveling southbound on Pa Me Lane at approximately 35 mph.

Due to his state of intoxication, he turned his vehicle to the left and drove off the roadway and collided with the residence located at 239 Pa Me Lane.

Mr. Burritt moved his vehicle across the street to his residency, prior to CHP arrival.

During a collision investigation, it was determined Mr. Burritt was driving a vehicle at the time of the collision and he was placed under arrest for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence at the time of the collision.

This collision is still under investigation by the Bishop CHP Office.

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2 Responses to Car vs. House = DUI in Bishop

  1. Carol Howard July 7, 2020 at 9:53 am #

    It was Gretchen, the dog. She’s to blame.

  2. David Dennison July 7, 2020 at 7:45 am #

    Let me guess….
    After driving drunk and colliding with the house,and then after moving or driving his vehicle sounds like across the street to his own residency,once Law Enforcement was called and showed up,he:
    A) Told the LE Officer it wasn’t his vehicle that was involved in the accident causing the damage.
    B) After further inspection,maybe it was his vehicle doing the damage to the house,but it wasn’t him driving…his car must’ve been stolen overnight.
    C) He was home all night,with his friends having only 2 beers.Maybe one of his friends was driving the car,but don’t know which one it was.
    D) O.K….It was me driving,but a Dog ran in front of me,and I wasn’t drunk.
    E) Mechanical failure on my car…I turned left to go into my driveway and the car turned right into the house instead.
    Wonder which one it’s going to be ?


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