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Eastern Sierra News for June 25, 2024





A car stolen from Mammoth has turned up in New Mexico.

On Memorial Day, Mammoth resident Jim Lewey went for a jog in a popular spot near the junction of 395 and 203. When he returned from his exercise, he found that someone had taken his car. Three weeks later, after thinking the car was long gone, Lewey received a phone call from Police Officers in Albuquerque saying that his car had been found.

Jim Lewey reports that he had left his car, ( a 2000 Subaru Impreza) to take a morning jog. Like many of us do, he had hidden the keys on a back tire. Lewey thinks that the thief probably guessed the keys were hidden on the car somewhere and took off.

The car had been gone about an hour and twenty minutes when he reported the theft to CHP. He says that the Highway Patrol put the word out to be on the look out, but by that time, Lewey believes the car was over Montgomery Pass and on the way to New Mexico.

On Wednesday, Lewey received the phone call that you hope to get when your property is stolen. Albuquerque Police had found the car in a dark alley and arrested a suspect in the car. When asked if he wanted to press charges, Lewey said yes.