Two car rental companies will be available at the Mammoth Yosemite Airport this season. Enterprise and Mammoth Car Rental will fill the two available spots with the understanding that as soon as soon as Mammoth Car Rental can sign a franchise agreement with a nationally branded company they should do so.mamairport

At this time Mammoth Car Rental’s first choice is Hertz, and they have been diligently working with this company to get an agreement signed. According to co-owner of Mammoth Car Rental, Tom Cage, Hertz is definitely interested in a franchise agreement in Mammoth and is willing to work with Mammoth Car Rental.

“However, Hertz has about 327,000 cars across the country and Mammoth will have 30,” Cage pointed out to help explain that in they eyes of a large company Mammoth was small potatoes. “So they can’t always move at the pace we would like them to,” Cage added.

Chief Marketing Officer from Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Howard Pickett, also spoke at the Nov. 4 Town Council meeting where the topic was discussed. He fully agreed that there should be two, nationally branded companies at the airport. He felt that having well-known, nationally branded companies at the airport would be one more step in branding Mammoth overall.

The Town Council voted 4-0 to approve the Airport Commission’s recommendations to approve the two car companies with the caveat that Mammoth Car Rental would sign a franchise agreement with a nationally branded company. Cage hoped that would be by mid-December.

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