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John Wentworth is the first to officially file.

John Wentworth is the first to officially file.

UPDATE:  Deb Pierrel filed her candidacy papers Thursday.

The list of Mammoth Town Council candidates or potential candidates has taken a leap forward. Added to the five people who had pulled papers to run are now three more, and one of the eight has now officially filed his candidate’s papers.

John Wentworth, Director of the Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access group, filed his candidacy papers yesterday and is the only official candidate at this point. Wentworth said he would speak about the issues later, but he did say that he sees a “great mix of opportunities and challenges in Mammoth.” Wentworth said he would watch who else actually files papers to run at this point.

Karen Sibert - "It's the right thing to do."

Karen Sibert – It’s the right thing to do.

Karen Sibert, a 25-year Mammoth resident, works in the Finance Department at Mammoth Community Water District as an account clerk. She had previously worked for the Town of Mammoth Lakes in Finance and Community Development. Asked why she wants to run, Sibert said, “It just feels so strongly the right thing to do.” She said people need candidates to vote for. Sibert said her work for the Town caused her to “care very much about it. Now,” she said, “I can stay involved.”

Earlier, Elena Blomgren had pulled papers. We have spoken to her since then. She said she has owned a home in Mammoth for ten years and has always loved the community. Her background has been business. Blomgren worked with her family’s Sand and Gravel business. Then she worked her way up in her family’s motorsports business, traveling with a drag racing team and handling the business end. Blomgren said she has worked in every aspect of business. She also worked, on a temporary basis, for Mammoth government as a permit tech and on Measusre R matters. Blomgren said she has been semi-retired for the past ten years.

The list of people who have pulled papers to run includes 8 people – Deb Pierrel, Joe Parrino, Ken Murray, Elena Blomgren, Karen Sibert, John Wentworth – who has filed – and two more pulled papers yesterday – Colin Fernie and Shields Richardson. Rob Gill happened to be at the Town Offices when the pair showed up to pull papers.


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