Devils Postpile National Monument News Release

August 29th, 2012 Contact: Jonathan Rees (760) 934-2289


Ranger-led walk to Devils Postpile

This 1 hour, 1 mile walk includes topics such as wildlife, resource conservation, and the geology of the Devils Postpile formation. It begins every day at 11:00am at the Devils Postpile Ranger Station (shuttle stop #6).

Labor Day Weekend Evening Campfire Programs

Join a ranger Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 8:30pm for a 45 minute program about one of the many things that makes Devils Postpile such an amazing place. Meet at the Devils Postpile amphitheater next to the Ranger Station.

Upcoming Evening Programs:

Friday, August 31th

Saturday, September 1st

Singin’ and a Pickin’ Round the Campfire!

Sunday, September 2nd

On Top of the World: Legendary Figures of Mountaineering in the Sierra

Come learn about the daring successes, rescues, and the lasting legacy of the Sierra Nevada


Come sit by a fire as Rangers tell stories and sing songs full of adventure and humor. Be ready to

sing and enjoy the music!

A Song of Ice and Fire

Join science and resource management interns Emilie, Katie, and Shannon to learn about the

dynamic and adventuresome year-round scientific projects going on in the Devils Postpile

National Monument.