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Date:       August 5, 2021
District:  9- Bishop
  Caltrans Seeking Public Comment on Two Projects on
U.S. Highway 395
Fish Springs Pavement Project and Manzanar Pavement Project
BIG PINE AND INDEPENDENCE– Caltrans District 9 is seeking public comment until Wednesday, September 1 on two proposed projects currently in the planning stages, the Fish Springs Pavement Project through the town of Big Pine and the Manzanar Pavement Project through the town of Independence.
The projects will repave:
·        Fish Springs – nearly 9 miles of pavement on U.S. Highway 395 from 0.2 miles north of Elna Road, through the town of Big Pine, to the junction of State Route 168 E.
·        Manzanar – nearly 11 miles of pavement on U.S. Highway 395 from about 2.5 miles south of the Manzanar National Historic Site Visitor Center, through the town of Independence, to 0.3 miles north of Fish Hatchery Road.
U.S. Highway 395 is showing signs of distress and cracking in these two locations. Not only will repaving the road create a better driving experience for motorists and cyclists, but it will also defer the need for major and intrusive maintenance projects. Along with paving and asphalt work, major features of these projects may include ADA compliant sidewalk and curb ramps, striping, regulatory and warning signage, and a traffic census. Fish Springs Pavement Project is schedule to construct in 2024/25 with an estimate cost of $28.6 million and Manzanar Pavement is scheduled to construct in 2023-24, with an estimated cost of $43.7 million.
Caltrans is particularly interested in the point of view of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, drivers, residents, or business owners who live within Big Pine, Independence and throughout the proposed project area.
For more information, story maps with possible cross-sections through the communities can be found on both projects on the Caltrans District 9 website on the main page under District 9 Current Projects or at the following links; Fish Springs
Please submit your formal comments by email to [email protected].

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