Caltrans hosts Trig*Star

 -Press release from Caltrans

BISHOP – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 9 Co-Sponsored a Trig*Star competition at Bishop Union High School BUHS) this past April.  Trig*Star is a national math competition for high school students sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors.  The purpose of the competition is 1) to have fun and offer awards, and 2) to heighten the awareness of Land Surveying as a profession.


The competition was a one hour exam solving problems involving triangles and circles to determine lengths, angles and areas.  Michael White had the highest score and Melody Lawrence placed 2nd at the BUHS competition.  Michaels’ score and time  has been submitted to Sacramento along with scores from all who took the exam in the State of California in order to determine the State Champion.  The State Champion will be given the opportunity to compete nationally against the best high school students across the nation.QZ6A7173

There were 20 students at Bishop Union High School that participated in the competition.  Sereyna Cagle, Caltrans Right of Way Engineer would like to thank Deidre Buchholz, BUHS math teacher and all of the students that participated in this worth while learning experience.




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10 years ago

pop quiz for any mathaletes out there. what is the speed of the earth as it orbits the sun, in mph. hint the earth is aproximately 93,000,000 miles from the sun.

Ken Warner
Ken Warner
10 years ago

Speaking of Bishop High School — BACTERIA FLY INTO RADIATION STORM: Three days ago, high school students in Bishop, California, using a suborbital helium balloon launched a petri dish full of extreme-loving halobacteria into the strongest radiation storm of the year. They wanted to know how the extremophiles would… Read more »