Caltrans Advises a Watchful Eye for Deer on 395

Last spring when the mule deer herd migrated from the Round Valley area up to Mammoth Lakes, many serious collisions involved deer and vehicles. The deer are on the move again, according to Caltrans.

The agency has warned motorists to watch out for deer on Highway 395. The Eastern Sierra Land Trust website says that about 3000 deer make up the herd in this area. Their migration corridor stretches from Round Valley in the south to the Mammoth Lakes area on the north. Some deer also wander from northern Inyo to the Bishop Creek drainage and over the Sierra.

Fish and Game spokesmen said that it’s kind of early for migration but as weather turns cold in the higher elevations, the deer do start to move down. They are usually completely migrated, says Fish and Game, by November. The most active areas where deer may venture out onto the highway is between Tom’s Place and June Lake.

Officials advise that you take it slow and watch the roadway carefully this time of year in case a deer darts out into your path.


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