State of Emergency

State of Emergency Declaration Approved for Mountain View Fire

Almost a month to the day the Mountain View Fire started, the California Office of Emergency Services approved Mono County’s Declaration of Emergency and will oversee the clean-up.

The Mono County Board of Supervisors requested the Declaration at a special meeting November 17. At its December 15 meeting, Justin Nalder who heads up the incident command, reported that multiple calls to CalOES got repeated responses that the application was under review. In the meantime, Nalder said he had gone to plan B trying to identify resources, a combination of insurance and County funds.

“I’ve been in touch with Sacramento,” District 4 Supervisor John Peters told the Board. “It’s like Groundhog Day, the movie.”

Supervisor Bob Gardner encouraged Peters to continue being “an irritant, they’ll get tired of being bugged.”

Apparently, Peters had already succeeded as an irritant. Mid-way through the meeting, he got word the CalOES had approved the Declaration and would oversee the clean-up.

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