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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





From public lands to private business. Some developments locally. The new escrow continues to progress at the


The new buyer of Cottonwood Plaza might rent to Inyo County at a significant discount.

Cottonwood Plaza. Stan Smith, realtor who represents the current owner, confirmed that there are indications the new buyer would be willing to entertain half rent for Inyo County for two years.

Right now, Inyo reviews proposals for a new county office center somewhere in Bishop. The RFP deadline has passed but the new buyer of Cottonwood Plaza has apparently thought seriously about renting major space to Inyo for a discount. It’s unknown if county officials will consider this.


Owner of the Ridgecrest Sears has bought the Bishop Sears.

Here’s a done deal for Bishop. Terry Bellino, owner of the Sears store in Ridgecrest, has purchased the Sears in Bishop. She spends a few days a week in Bishop but mostly runs the Ridgecrest Sears. Bellino’s Bishop manager is Daniel Stover who handled the Ridgecrest store first and now will move to Bishop with his family. Stover told us the local Sears will resume deliveries throughout the Eastern Sierra.

Bellino said that she’s remodeling the Bishop Store and hopes to have it all finished in the next six months. Bellino has owned and operated the Ridgecrest store for more than 7 years and looks forward to her Bishop operation. Bellino said she thrives on projects like the new Bishop Sears.

In Mammoth Lakes and surrounding towns, propane news. Turner Propane completed its final phase of propane meter automation so meters can be remotely read. That’s critical in winter when massive amounts of snow make meter reading impossible in places. So, no more estimated winter bills. Turner will have those automatic reads.

Another note from Turner. For anyone who dispenses propane or plans to, Turner will offer a dispenser4 operator safety class. The classes take place at the High Sierra Hotel in Mammoth May 12th and again May 19th at 9am. Call Jim Miller at Turner Propane for info. 934-6811.