Burglary At Bishop Jewelry Store

Officers continue to investigate a burglary at a Bishop jewelry store.

Sharon Rock with Lyons Custom Jewelry in Bishop reports that the alarm was set off at 1:00 Monday morning after someone smashed the front window out in an attempt to steal jewelry. During the day, the diamond ring case is right inside the window, but at night the valuables are locked up, so there is nothing to take, Rock says. The thief or thieves broke the glass on the diamond ring case, but were only able to take a few items valued at about $150.

After moving from the now dormant Cottonwood Plaza in Bishop, Lyons Jewelers moved to Academy Street, within blocks of the Police Department. Rock reports that the alarm at the store is so loud that one officer heard the alarm from the High School area, while two more officers heard the alarm from the Police station. According to Rock, the police were on scene in about thirty seconds.

There is surveillance tape from the store, but so far there are no suspects in custody. Investigations into this burglary continue.


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