Bureaucrat Beat: More Bumpersticker Psychology, Sign Larceny and Two Letters

Bumpersticker psychology drew some remarks. So, we looked further. Bureaucrat Beat newsroom research turned up more local bumperstickers. A couple of the predictable – Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Hey, it’s cow country! Now, here’s another one that counters the violent sticker “Cut it, burn it, graze it.” This one says, “Tread Lightly on public and private land.” We like the idea of respectful treading instead of use it fast before someone else does.

Here was a curious sticker on one bumper – “Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Starbucks.” Wow. Well, we do recommend our locally grown coffee bars in the Eastern Sierra instead of the mega corporation. That’s a good general philosophy. The small coffee shops generally serve up tastier coffees.

Saw another bumpersticker on the internet. It says, “Think. It’s Patriotic.” Duhhhhhh! No kidding. Failure to think serves no one. We’ve got a lotta that going on in Washington, Sacramento, and, yes, folks, right here at home.

News about signs of a different sort. Seems some misguided types have ripped off, pulled out and otherwise shredded political signs on many corners in Mammoth Lakes. Come on, that’s juvenile delinquent stuff. We suspect adults have had their larcenous fingers on the signs. In Mammoth Lakes, political expression borders on obsession.

Post script on our marathon phone call to Verizon. They called us this week to sell us something. We declined but said we would call more often but it takes a half hour to 45 minutes just to get one simple question answered. The Verizon Customer Service Lady said, “I know.” Swell. They know, and just don’t care.

Two letters today. One short. One long. Short first. Russ Monroe of Lone Pine shares this:

In 1967 I had the privilege of meeting and spending some ‘quality’ time with an amazingly positive human being. I was a 16 year old rebellious high school sophomore, he was an accomplished “Hollywood” persona… No!

This isn’t a tabloid ‘sex’ thing! We were put together on an irregular basis because we shared friendship with a professional. In the time we shared, I came to appreciate the understanding and unusual humanity of a man who was so giving of his knowledge and so overflowing with his own appreciation of life that I have never forgotten and, I hope, will never escape his effect on me.

As life happens… after our mutual friend died in 1969, we never saw each other again.  This week his death from cancer was national news. Hollywood and the world mourn the loss of an amazingly accomplished artist. I thank God and the universe for that little piece of time so long ago. Sidney Pollack was every good thing the media can print or say… and so much more than any “sound bite” could ever relate. Looking forward to meeting you again Sidney!

Russ Monroe
Lone Pine

Thanks for that, Russ.

Now, on to a topic of a less pleasant sort. We have a report that at least one bear now terrorizes the Swall Meadows neighborhood. One resident writes of his frustration to get bureaucratic help.

I would like to inform you of a problem that is creating great concern in our Swall Meadows area. We have been having a problem with a bear that has begun breaking into homes with or without the people home. I have had the bear visit my home twice now to get into my dog  compound. The last time was Wednesday morning at 1:30 am (same time and day as last  week).  However this time the bear was actually in the compound with my two dogs. One a German Shepherd and the other a  Golden Retriver/Austrailian shepherd both large dogs weighing 100 lbs each.

This action demonstrates that the Bear is becoming fearless of dogs and more aggressive. Many of us have contacted the Dept. of Fish and Game to no avail. They take your name and have a rep call you and take the information  acknowledging that they have had many previous calls of concern in our area. But  offer no assistance short of saying that they could issue a deprivation  certificate, advice on avoiding confrontation with the bear and to call 911 if he  intrudes again and that the CHP will call a Sheriff office in Mono County.

Does the Sheriffs office stay on duty after midnight? And if the bear is not  driving around on a highway in my backyard would the CHP respond? All this by  phone. Never coming out in person. No Offer to come see the damage or to track  the bear or relocate him. We were also informed that they no longer relocate  bears neither here or Yosemite because there are too many bears. Okay this  bear is not just traveling through the area he does not go after bird seed  containers or recently used BB-Q’es he is interested in coming into houses? I  have an 88 year old Aunt living with us and we are hesitant to both be gone at  the same time for errands fearing the bear may break in during our brief  absence. So some real Bear deterrent suggestions from the Department of Fish  and GAME would be of use have they become merely FISH COPS!

Only concerned with  the number of fish caught and snails hitch hiking into the Sierra. Fish  have more tourist/money value so it appears than the serene wilderness. Fish is  important I admit but what about the GAME? I will say that the F&G have been  vary courteous and sympathetic which is appreciated but does not a problem  like this solve. One neighbor suggested holding a community meeting to F&G and  was told No we would not initiate the meeting but could perhaps send a rep to  speak to the community at the meeting. When do they leave the office and  what exactly are they in charge of? Which is the correct department we should be contacting? If it is too late to help the Bear from self destruction  through his actions it is only because no one has come to our aid or the bears.

We  were told that every time the bear gains access to food through break-ins he  is getting rewarded, so what do we do? short of boarding up our houses while  in them.  If it is up to the individual citizens to become Bear vigilantes then they  could at least offer rubber bullets or Fire Crackers or NRA training to the  persons that do not know about nor own firearms Why is it that down south they  offer news helicopters and multi media and various officers from various  department concerned with an escaped zoo animal or lone coyote or mountain lion  traveling through a community and relocate it. And here NOTHING! Must someone  get hurt before something is done? Is there a Bear expert around? If the  bear needs to be killed (last resort) is there a professional bear hunter as we  have Lion hunters. What say you? Thanks for listening

Bill Goodman
Swall Meadows

Thanks, Bill. The only bear expert we know around here remains Steve Searles. 937-BEAR.

With that, this is Benett Kessler signing off for Bureaucrat Beat where we await your word on our lives in the Eastern Sierra and beyond.


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