Bureaucrat Beat: Killer Tomatoes, Hollywood Gossip and Tough Cookies

My father would have enjoyed the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom. He liked talking politics. He was the presiding Superior Court Judge in Dayton, Ohio. I learned a lot from him. One of his favorite sayings – Live and Let Live – came to mind the other day. I thought he meant not to impose too much on others. Just observe and comment and respect.

That sounded good when I was 8 years old. Still sounds good.

We just have to comment on the tainted tomatoes that came from an unidentified farm and now from an “unidentified restaurant.” Congress needs to give more money to the Food and Drug Administration. Vegetable mysteries – who needs ’em? In the free world we want a safe food supply. Okay?

On a totally gossip note – we hear that Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio were headed to Lone Pine for a quick movie shoot scene but Hollywood wrangling got in the way. If the Studio types can iron out their wrinkles, Russell and Leonardo may come to town. We’re checking with Rod Ayres, who not only mends shoes and sells fabulous hats, but also has a finger on the cinema pulse of the Sierra.

Somebody told us that patriotism is what counts in the Presidential election. Hey, don’t get us wrong. We, here in the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom display the Don’t Tread on Me flag of the original American colonies. We hope that anyone elected to office stands up for the principles on which our country was founded, not just the ra-ra we’re-better-than-other-countries attitude.

Oh, yea, we talked it over here around the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom card table and decided that surely racism is pass here in the Eastern Sierra and elsewhere. How corny can it get – to hate someone because of how they look?!? We basically reasoned that we know jerks of all shades and ilk, so it must be some other piece of the person from some unidentified realm that makes them undesireable.

This brought to mind a MySpace Video called “Hate is not an option”. What a concept! Integrity, not wrathful loathing.

Speaking of tough cookies – how about that 12 year old girl in Indiana? Seems a teen-aged boy ran up and stole her lemonade stand profits – $17.50. She chased him home, called the police and had him arrested. Right on, girl! Bullies can’t beat that.

News from Inyo Sheriff’s Lieutenant Randy Geiger, whose son, Wayne, was killed in Iraq last fall. More and more about the courage and character of the young Geiger has come back to his family here. Lt. Geiger said the Army camp in Baghdad has been re-named Camp Geiger. His fellow soldiers thought an awful lot about Wayne, who had displayed more courage and maturity than even his parents knew about.

How about this?” We have a Hershey’s Chocolate update. The candy people pulled off a major gasoline giveaway. It’s like gas means more than money. If you can get free gallons, it’s like a major coup!

So, PayDay and Skor Candy Bars sponsored the gas bonanza. Used to be gas stations would give away candy. Wow.

Finally, the Wilderness Bill has stirred the pot and the American Land Rights Association of Battle Ground, Washington, has emailed all over the West to get folks to attend Wilderness Bill meetings in Inyo County June 24th and 25th. Stay tuned for more action.

With that, this is Benett Kessler signing off for Bureaucrat Beat where we await your word on our lives in the Eastern Sierra and Beyond.


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