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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Talk about profiting from the past. Seems the Disney Corporation rummaged through some old vaults and found… Tinker Bell. Seems fairies are the old thing made new again at Disney, according to business reports. Princess and fairy product lines marketed to girls are expected to bring in $5 billion.

If only government could function as well as business. Perhaps a bit of fairy dust is called for. Other headlines say that the Governor’s ambition to completely remake California’s health insurance system has narrowed.

The Governor hopes to limit profits of insurance companies, require a minimum set of benefits and restrict insurance companies’ ability to cancel policies retroactively.

The Gov had wanted to orchestrate medical insurance for the 5 million Californians who lack it, but the Senate rejected his plan.

One big problem we must not forget – some 85% of state funds are already totally controlled by propositions and initiatives passed by the electorate, so state officials can decide on 15% of the money.

Next time you vote, think about it.

Here’s something else to think about. Inyo County Planning Commissioner Bill Stall talked to us as a local citizen. Stall pointed to all the graffiti out and about town that does not get cleaned up.

He says he would like to see any graffiti cleaned up ASAP by the community and business owners. Apparently some juveniles do community service by cleaning up graffiti.

Stall feels strongly about this. He’s going to keep us informed of graffiti and we’ll show it on TV and on our website with the hope that someone responsible cleans it up.

The bureaucracies exhibit a certain inconsistency. Recently, we experienced the return of a flood insurance bill, which left the Independence newsroom vulnerable had flood waters rushed down Independence Creek instead of Oak Creek. Seems the insurance company listed one of our names with the, but the postmaster didn’t think it was a correct match. The bill went back and the policy cancelled, unbeknownst to us and our insurance agent. Disturbing, yes?

Then, we received a letter addressed to Benett Kessler Bureaucrat Beat c/o Postmaster, Independence, CA. Maybe that’s the key – always make your mail c/o Postmaster.

We in the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom wish actor Morgan Freeman well. He went airborn in a car and rolled over. He was with a friend. We don’t know him personally, of course, but do admire his work. What you may not know, Freeman owns a blues club in Clarksdale, Mississippi. We do have a friend from that town who just visited last week. She says Freeman has done a first class job of Ground Zero.

Our pal from Clarksdale says we’re darned lucky to have our mountains and way of life here in the Eastern Sierra. Life in the south? Still a difficult and different world.

Back to bureaucracy. A warning from the Senior Legal Program here says that if you have received a letter that says a non-governmental agency can help you receive up to $400 by filling out their form and mailing them a check for $36, you don’t have to do it. They’re claiming that this is for state assistance to homeowners and renters, but the States Franchise Tax Board would do all of this for free. Call the Senior Legal program at 873-3581.