inyo_sups_3-16Okay. Let’s get this out in front. The Inyo Supervisors did it again. Picked people who will not delve, deliver and declare the truth about the water situation in Inyo County.

Nothing at all against the people they chose for Inyo Water Commission, but it’s who they did not choose that reveals their motivations. They did not choose people with proven Chutzpah when it comes to DWP. Without what some call Chutzpath, i.e. real guts, nothing of value takes place. Just lots of palaver signifying nothing. Hey, Supervisors, did you hear Independence will likely lose its high school? Hello! That’s because when it counted, no one bothered to stand up for the truth, to secure just a tad bit of land around the town to help it grow and keep its school, grocery store, doctors, restaurants. You get the picture, right? It’s the Chutzpah factor.

Okay. Moving right along to disturbing headlines. The U.S. Postal Service is in ‘serious jeopardy’. We are not surprised. Many enterprises face jeopardy due to the recession. The postal service also faces competition by the internet and by the fact that it’s service has flagged. Now, they’re talking 5 days per week service. Okay. In many respects, we feel the post office offers the best deals around. They get our stuff to where it’s going with a reasonable price. Only trouble is, they lost $8.5 billion last year in spite of deep reductions. Look, Congress, we would rather you funded the postal service than the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, okay!? Just a footnote from the Bureaucrat Beat Newsroom in the Eastern Sierra of California.

Remember the note we made about the LA City Council and their wish to create a watchdog group to look over DWP? Well, now the union that represents thousands of LADWP employees has come out against the watchdog group that would keep tags on the nation’s largest municipally owned utility. Oh, no! We can’t have that!!!

Unions are about to go too far in the Bureaucrat Beat Newsroom. Sure we support workers, but gosh darn it, when they insist they are more important than the people they serve, that does it for us. That’s what’s happening with the IBEW Local 18 union which represents nearly 9,000 DWP employees. They don’t want a watchdog organization to protect consumers. When unions find themselves at odds with the people, it’s time for a major change. Gee, LA, life isn’t all that complicated.

We want to make it clear that we in the Bureaucrat Beat Newsroom decided to register as Independents. We have no loyalty to either the Democratic nor Republican parties. They’re both too into themselves and wealthy special interests for our taste.

We did receive a phone call yesterday to tell us that some folks in Bishop set up outside the post office to try to collect signatures to impeach the President. Oh, please. That is the height of a waste of time. Impeach him for what? Being too nice to Republicans? For failing to end two unbelievably expensive wars?

For trying to keep the economy from free-fall after the Bush years? For trying desperately to reign in the obscenely greedy health insurance companies in search of affordable health care for all Americans. Other countries all over the globe have done it.

One way or the other, for crying out loud let the man elected by the people, regardless of what anyone thinks of him, try to do a job.

With that, this is Benett Kessler signing off for Bureaucrat Beat where we await your word on our lives in the Eastern Sierra and beyond.


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