Bureaucrat Beat: BAD, Good Chief, and Public Water

Lots of folks do not like the idea of amnesty. You know, giving people a free pass for whatever, but we in the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom put our heads together and agreed we should call today, August 17th Bureaucrat Amnesty Day.

It’s free pass day for those in government and even private employ who engage in petty power trips, try to push members of the public around and even their co-workers, for those who must live by the letter of the law no matter who it hurts. For those of the uptight bureaucratic nature who live in the alternate universe of unkindness, today you can try the real universe and no one will fault you, remind you of past misdeeds or wish you ill.

Hey, life is tough sometimes and we all make mistakes. Never mind that the initials of Bureaucrat Amnesty Day spell BAD.

Here’s a man who entered public service in the City of Bishop a few years back under less than friendly skies. Bishop Police Chief Joe Pecsi took over in the wake of a nasty controversy in the Department. Police officers had gone to the grand jury over the previous chief and tensions were major! We can remember grilling Pecsi over his record and his plans.

Chief Pecsi was also balanced and up front. Answered our questions, improved the department and brought a sense of calm and service back to a torn department. The Chief, who has served in law enforcement for 33 years, says he will retire at the end of the year. The City is recruiting.

As if we were reading the minds of Mammoth Town staff, our Bureaucrat Beat crew talked about water fountains the other day – like, hey, where is one. Used to be (in the days of manual typewriters) drinking fountains were all about to give us that cool drink of water we needed.

With the advent of bottled water, the time-tested fountains began to disappear, but even as we dreamt of cool fresh water with a touch of the hand or foot, Mammoth produced a wter cooler. That’s good, too. Suite Z now has a water cooler, as an alternative to providing bottled water for meetings. The cooler offers water at room temperature or chilled. Cups are available, but you can bring your own.

We have a water cooler in the Bureaucrat Beat newsroom. When the heat of too much thinking leads to dehydration, we cool down with a fresh drink of water.

Bishop City Hall offers a drinking fountain to mellow down the political fires.

In Lone Pine, a long-time resident pointed out that without a daily drink of water, trees are dying. That’s sad. We wish the Inyo courthouse officials would take a deep interest in that fact. Instead, they seem more hell-bent to raise water rates.



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