Bureaucrat Beat: $$ and DST, Good TV and No-Runs

So, have you adjusted to the fact that it’s later than we feel it should be? Of course not. Who are the time brokers and how can we make them leave our clocks alone? The federal government appears to claim credit for time meddling. This year, a story was published on a study of Daylight Saving Time which revealed that more money is spent, as a result of pushing the time up an hour. The University of California examined the issue in depth. Professor Matthew Kotchen, who  pioneered the study, said, “Ive never had a paper with such a clear and unambiguous finding as this.” The study revealed that DST causes expenditure of more money on air conditioning and lights. If you like what seems like more light at the end of the day, stand up and cheer! As for the rest of us poor souls, we’ll just have to muddle along with our wounded inner clocks.

One more cheer for the Bishop Post Office that delivered a letter from a listener that was addressed inaccurately. Didn’t stop the Bishop postal service. They know where KSRW is. Thanks much.

Our listener wrote that change comes from within and that individuals might want to turn down escapist television shows and try for more meaningful information. Good advice, and on that note – those who can watch HBO might want to catch the mini-series on John Adams, second President of the United States. Tom Hanks and others produced this historical view that look deeply at our early society and the battle for liberty.

Adams said this: “Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.” Something to consider come election day.

Two people with an eye on the Mammoth Town Council race did not go forward. Don McPherson considered a run for the Council. He did not return papers on March 7th, which leaves the door open for more of his already obvious displays of intelligent analysis of local government.

Deb Perriel also decided against a run. She circulated this letter on Saturday:

Mammoth Lakes, California – March 8, 2007 –

I made a tough decision yesterday:
I am NOT running for the Mammoth Lakes Town Council this election year.

I sincerely thank everyone who has encouraged my campaign. I feel appreciative  of the belief in me and fortunate to have such friends and supporters. If I walk away with anything, it is a full heart.

This decision was made after weeks of contemplation and analysis. The Pro’s were simple. I feel strongly that we need to run a more effective town government including:

  • Reassessment of our current processes including budgeting and taxation
  • Living with our means (budget) and looking at revenue generation options
  • Becoming a business friendly town while effectively and transparently increasing our much needed infrastructure and attractions through partnerships and realistic mandates which are fiscally responsible with local, national, and world economic awareness and forethought
  • Moving ahead toward enhancing our economic development through tourism, the college, and other industries while keeping a global and green mindset
  • Creating a place where long and short term locals, visitors and tourists from  all over the world, 2nd homeowners, and investors all want to be and can live cohesively
  • The leadership and business skills I would bring to the table are what the mix needs right now.

The balance of the scale was tipped by the fact that I have too much on my personal and professional plates right now to be as effective as the people of Mammoth Lakes deserve.

I will support our current and upcoming council members and continue to avail myself for any assistance I can offer. I remain an active member of the community including my involvement on the Airport Commission, with the Chamber of Commerce, and Altrusa.

Deborah Pierrel

Some more things to think about when you question candidates throughout the Eastern Sierra. As citizens struggle to make ends meet, they sure as heck want to make sure local governments make the ends come together, too. We continue to receive emails about Mammoth Hospital -the money situation and the moral situation. Employees have asked that the community become more involved. We’ll let you know when the meetings take place.

If the Moral Authority, as Adams described it, does not show up in elected officials, then the public has to assert that authority if life is to move along well.

Sometimes the courts have to assert the Moral Authority. Take the case involving one of California’s biggest health insurance companies, Health Net. Judge Sam Cianchetti ruled that the company broke state laws and acted in bad faith. He ordered Health Net to pay more than $9 million to a breast cancer patient the company dropped in the middle of chemotherapy. Big round of applause for Judge Cianchetti.

Now for a few one-liners. We learned that Verizon wireless hired someone to work in the Eastern Sierra to oversee new sites and improved service. We can always use that in cell phone service.

Reporter Tony Dublino noted that recently the Mono Supervisors approved new contracts for County Counsel Marshall Rudloph – $12,600 per month and County Administrative Officer Dave Wilbrecht at $13,000 per month. Hey, maybe they’re worth it. The figures sure seem big to most citizens who pay the bills.


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