Mammoth Town Council: budget, lieutenant, and volunteerism

mltc6_5The recent budget shortfall for next fiscal year in Mammoth Lakes has improved somewhat. Budget discussions at last week’s meeting revealed some changes but continuing money issues.

According to Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez, the Town’s financial position has “strengthened lately.” She said the major cutbacks of past months have helped and will lead to a projected increase in the General Fund reserve from $1 million to $2 million by the end of this month. The Manager also said that the projected shortfall for next fiscal year is now at less then $400,000 instead of the original $562,000.

Martinez said that “structural imbalances remain, and additional balancing measures will be necessary in the next four to five years.” She named two major factors – the unfunded Whitmore park and pool facilities and related parks maintenance staff. Another problem is the loss of community development grants which cover some $100,000 of staff costs. The Council is still considering what to do about all of this.

Also at their recent meeting, the Council recognized retiring Police Lieutenant John Mair. He had actually retired in January but stayed on to help through some very difficult times of major budget cuts for police.

The Council approved a volunteer policy which the Manager said sets a framework for a Town-wide effort. She said strong volunteer efforts are already in place in the Parks and Recreation Department. And, on June 19th, the Police Department will launch a volunteer program.

When asked to consider a ban of skateboards on the Town’s streets, the Council decided to take no action. The staff had recommended it after urging from the Town’s insurance carrier. On the issue of Code Compliance officials said there is not enough money to support that effort right now.

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8 years ago

Aside from the budget issues – I am really tired of A-hole skateboarders cutting me off on Main Street as they zig zag back and forth through traffic. If you yell at them they flip you off. Hammer these idiots!

8 years ago
Reply to  Sean

You could probably get away with running them over.

Wouldn’t that suprise them ūüėČ

8 years ago
Reply to  Mark

I don’t want to damage my bumper. Seriously what is the body count? I think I know of two skateboarders dying in town on city streets. Anyone know the real stats?

Get over it!
Get over it!
8 years ago

Structural imbalances remain…
Admittedly, Martinez is telling us that we are underwater.

BID covers up the symptom, it’s not the cure.

A short term solution to a long term problem.

They tell you these are new ideas but they have been tried before. This is not a panacea for Mammoth’s future.

It’s an underhanded, inequitable, unscrupulous power play to replace AIRPORT LAWSUIT LOSSES with a slight of hand trick to make you think it’s just “business as usual…” IT’S NOT!

It’s just more MONKEY BUSINESS brought on by the same folks that brought you Bureaucracy squared. “Keep spending, we will just tax to make up the difference.” That’s a John Eastman quote.

Your chart has peaked. In a year you will need more. In two you will need even more. In three… Just look at the PAST.

IT’S A SHELL GAME. You will never replace the raided prudent reserves the town used for inflated numbers of employees.

You can keep our community occupied by dividing them or confusing their attention with skateboarding ordinances or the color shirt Rusty wears but you haven’t fixed the problem.

Cut expenses.