Bubser, Candidate for 8th Congressional Seat, To Hold a Virtual Meeting

Inyo 350 is hosting virtual meetings with 2020 candidates

INYO350 will be hosting a virtual meeting with Chris Bubser, candidate for the 8th District Congressional seat this Monday, August 10, at 7 p.m. Current Congressman Paul Cook is not running for re-election.

Bubser, a Democrat, will be running against Jay Obernolte, a Republican. During the March primary, Bubser beat Obernolte in both Mono and Inyo counties with a 600-plus advantage in both.

To register for and then access the meeting, go to www.chrisbubser.com/Inyo350.

Over the next three months, INYO350 will be making an effort to provide residents with resources and opportunities to learn about candidates and issues on the November’s ballot.

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3 years ago

Inyo 350 is a liberal, Democrat run group, highly unlikely inyo350 will give equal time to Obernolte. Additionally, the only reason Bubser won more votes than obernolte is simply because there were more Republican candidates on the primary than Democrats. Obernolte will win.

2 years ago
Reply to  Eamon

….And I predicted correctly, 7 months later and Inyo 350 did NOT host a meeting with our Congressman Obernolte, nor do they have one scheduled, and Obernolte won his seat; I wonder when Inyo350 plans on having a virtual meeting with Obernolte? Let me know.