Brits Plea To Misdemeanors In a Stolen Purse Case

Two men from the United Kingdom, accused of various crimes stemming from a stolen purse have reached a plea agreement with the Mono County District Attorneys Office.

On March 19th, Mammoth Police arrested Andrew Sadler and Paul Stoakley after they were found in possession of property reported stolen earlier that night. The two have now pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges.

Police said that Marcus Norbreus, the head of security at a local bar, had seen the suspects in possession of the distinctive purse as they were being escorted out of the bar for being too intoxicated. When he found out that the purse had been stolen, Norbreus called police and went looking for the suspects.

Police said that Norbreus reported finding the two and attempted to get the purse back when Sadler hit Norbreus in the face.

Police said that Sadler had both the purse and the victims digital camera in his jacket pocket. The victims car keys and hotel key were found on Stoakley, police reported.

Jeremy Ibrahim, Deputy District Attorney for Mono County, reports that Sadler pleaded to misdemeanor battery, while Stoakley pleaded to being drunk in public. The purse was returned to the victim with the camera, and cell phone intact, though apparently $40 was missing. The two were ordered to pay $40 in restitution and $185 in fines a piece. The were also sentenced to time served, which in this case was the four days in the Mono County Jail that the two served before they made bail.


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