Bring Mairs Market back to life

mairsmarketOwens Valley Growers Cooperative Community Update and Stakeholder Meeting

OVGC cordially invites community members to participate in the planning process for a Retail Food Cooperative in the old Mairs Market space in Independence.

Sat. October 11

6-7:30 pm, Legion Hall, Independence

Sat. October 18

5-6:30 pm, Statham Hall, Lone Pine

A light dinner will be served at both events.

Co-sponsored by the Independence Civic Club & Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, call 510-468-7113.


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Mongo The Idiot
Mongo The Idiot
7 years ago

This is great news about the potential to open the market back up. Would you call it Mairs Market Coop? How about Independents Foods? How will you staff it? Will the stake holders share the community work load? How do you manage the cashier position? Are there other stores like this that are thriving? Will there be staples; such as eggs and milk? Is someone going to make miner’s cave blue cheese or grow Japanese mushrooms? I’m way too stupid to participate but really interested. I know my input would be booed and hissed out of the legion hall so I’ll just watch from afar so as I don’t get my feelers hurt.
On the bright side, I can eat more food in one sitting than most people I know. I ain’t comin’ for the “liight dinner” less you wanna give me four of em”. Still ill be a feared to talk so ill just stay home till it opens. Please forgive me, I get excited about food and water. Specially when it’s walkin distance…