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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





Veterans Day is set aside in our country to honor all the men and women that have served this country with honor and dedication in our armed forces, both the dead and those alive, regardless of whether they served in peacetime or during times of war. Not all veterans are heroes and even those that are called such, typically project a humbleness about their service and accomplishments.

Veterans come from all branches of our nation’s armed services are honored: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and, most recently, Space Force.

So it is, that on this November 11th, in the eleventh month of the year, at the bridge at the 11th hole at the Bishop Country Club, a bridge was dedicated in honor to our local veterans. It was a small gathering in recognition of the restrictions imposed on all of us under COVID-19 health order restrictions, but it was a solemn and honorable gathering of our veterans.

Kent Schlick of Big Pine spoke the small gathering, saying “This is our way to salute, honor and always remember all veterans’ sacrifice for our freedoms. There is no way we can repay our veterans for their selfless service, but we make sure their service is never taken for granted and they are never forgotten.”

Schlick made note that many of the veterans are also Bishop Country Club members, the very reason the club wanted to do something special to honor their service to their country.

The newly dedicated bridge will offer the opportunity for the public to purchase plaques that will be mounted on the bridge’s walkway in honor of veterans, past and present, as a way to express gratitude and remembrance of our armed forces, both those currently serving and those that have served in the past.

Contact the Bishop County Club Pro Shop to find out more details on the cost of a plaque at (760) 873-5828.