Letter submitted by Ingrid Braun


The Mono County Sheriff’s Office’s Press Release on April 28, 2016 regarding schedule changes clearly caused concerns for the Mono County Board of Supervisors, and I apologize for any misunderstanding. I understand the Board’s concerns, and I appreciate the continued dialogue between the Sheriff’s Office and our esteemed Board.

Sheriff-elect Ingrid Braun

Sheriff-elect Ingrid Braun

The intent of the press release was not to malign to Board of Supervisors, nor to place blame. It was meant to make the public aware that our Office is currently understaffed, and that has caused us to reduce our patrol hours. We are understaffed because we lost employees to higher paying positions and our recruitment efforts have not been successful in filling vacancies that were only recently unfrozen. The salaries we are budgeted to offer, coupled with high employee retirement contributions and the cost of living in Mono County, make it difficult to find qualified candidates.

We are continuing our recruitment efforts, and we hope to fill these positions in the near future.

When we have regained our footing with field deputies, we will return to our former schedule. I also hope that upcoming contract negotiations for our Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and our Public Safety Officers’ Association will yield more marketable salary and benefit packages.

Ingrid Braun

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