Blue-green algae at Diaz Lake, Millpond

Press release

Over the past few weeks blue-green algae has developed along the shoreline of Diaz Lake and, to a lesser extent, at Millpond. Several factors contribute to the development of the algae, all of which are
beyond the County’s control.

Primarily, the algae are a result of the presence of nutrients. Various weather conditions are also a factor. Blue-green algae typically develop in self-contained bodies of water.

Blue-green algae may, but does not necessarily, contain toxins. Therefore, as a precaution, the Inyo County Parks and Recreation Department is advising visitors to refrain from swimming or wading in the water while algae is present. Signs to that effect have been posted at both locations. The algae is expected to naturally dissipate soon.

Inyo County welcomes the many visitors from within the area and from other regions that come to visit our facilities. Diaz Lake, Millpond and the other County campgrounds and parks are open for all other activities for the public to enjoy over the Labor Day weekend.


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