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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024






Although Bishop lost, a lot of experience was gained as this was the first
match of the season for the Broncos.   The Broncos only have 4 returning
players this year with a roster of 16 total .  The match was shortened to

an 8 game format with no ad scoring due to the intense heat and the length of time the other team had to complete the match.

Results for the day included :

Singles #1  Olivia Ellis   4-8
Singles #2  Emma Thornburg  1-8
Singles #3  Dominic Osland  1-8
Singles #4  Brianna Stange 2-8
Singles #5  Ellie Crall  2-8
Singles # 6  Jesi Ferrell  0-8
Doubles #1   Harleen Jamuu and Rose Bracken   2-8
Doubles #2   Jodie Bedore and Sydney Norcross  0-8
Doubles #3   Presley Carr and Alissa McCormick  3-8
Doubles #4  Dani Carr and Sabrina Elwell  0-8

Doubles #5  Brooklyn Braaten and Ellie Crall 4-8

The Girlś team will be holding  their annual Serve-a-Thon fundraiser
on Mon Sept. 12th if anyone would like to donate please contact
the coach Patty Cummings  at  760-937-8014 or one of the girls

Next the team travels to Ridgecrest on Fri sept 16th