Bronco Coach Bill Egan has led local students through some very successful football seasons in Bishop. He’s done lots more than that in his days – like head men’s coach for the Olympic Team for Alpine skiing. Parents want to know if he will coach their kids in Bishop this year.

Last year, Bishop school officials held Egan up until a last minute job offer situated him in the coach position. Financial problems and seniority issues held up the coach. Bishop School Superintendent Barry Simpson said this year looks much better. Simpson said that teacher Jeff Pratt will take a two-year leave of absence to teach in Chile. Coach Egan holds credentials to teach that Social Studies class on a full-time basis. He would also coach the Broncos.egan

What about when Pratt returns? Simpson said Pratt is not guaranteed the same position, but he said hopefully the finances of the district will have improved by then.

Superintendent Simpson confirmed that other schools have expressed an interest in Coach Egan. In fact, a Division One school reportedly made him an offer. Egan is known as well-qualified for Olympic Team coaching and other positions. Has he accepted the Bishop spot? Simpson said that they have had discussions. He believes Egan will coach the Broncos.

Under a re-divisioning, which has been appealed, Bishop is currently in the same division as Mammoth and would face smaller schools than last year. Some say it could be quite the exciting year for the Broncos. Again, parents say they await final word that Bill Egan will coach their sons.

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