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At Monday night’s school board meeting, superintendent, Katie Kolker, spoke about the schoolwide plan being implemented to adhere to the mask mandate for schools and how they are planning on keeping the children safe.


The plan is pretty straight forward. Masks inside, social distancing outside, rapid response testing in house if necessary.

The crowd was very opinionated on the topic. With multiple parents stating claims such as, masks cause UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and that masks are akin to, Sadaam Hussein. My favorite was one parent carrying his child in his arms asking, “If you have ever smelled someone’s fart while masked….”

But, seeing as this was a school board meeting, not a debate, people were allowed to air their grievances, but nothing was done to appease.

Having been a BUHS teacher myself for multiple years under Mrs Kolker’s guidance, I assure you, she is taking all sides into consideration and wants to help facilitate everyone’s needs and desires. But, as said, this is county mandate. She cannot do a thing about it.  My opinion is, be thankful the kids can actually go to school this year and that Mrs. Kolker and her team are doing everything they can to keep them safe.


As a parent, it is your right to homeschool your children if any part of the masking mandate is unacceptable to you and your family.

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