Bishop Police Lieutenant Will Take Over as Interim Chief

Last week, Bishop Police Chief Kathleen Sheehan confirmed that she would accept the job as Chief of Police for the City of Port Hueneme. She will leave her Bishop job this week and head for southern California. Her second in command will take over as interim chief.


Bishop Police Lt. Chris Cartet

Lt. Chris Carter was the choice of the Bishop City Council to take charge of the department, at least in an interim capacity. The Bishop City Council dealt with that issue at their Monday meeting.

The Council praised Chief Sheehan for her work in Bishop and gave her a City Tile in honor of her service. Residents in Bishop have stepped forward to compliment Sheehan on her public outreach efforts and her high profile among the people of the City.

Interim Chief Carter will work under the same terms and conditions of Chief Sheehan’s arrangement with the City. City Council members have not yet stated how they might proceed to establish a permanent police chief.

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