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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Bishop Police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into multiple vehicles in the Bishop area. Detective Dave Jepson reports that their investigations led Police to suspect 19 year old Christobal Grenados Hernandez of a string of vehicle break-ins.

Detective Jepson reports that after police detained Hernadez Monday night, investigators recovered property taken from numerous vehicles. Jepson says that the stolen property came from at least five vehicles and consisted of items such as wallets, IDs, credit cards, and cell phones. No money was recovered, but Jepson says that a lot of property is going to be returned to victims.

Jepson explained that the crimes were not random since in most of the cases there was an item of value in plain view in the vehicles. Some of the vehicles were unlocked and others had windows broken out to gain entry, Detective Jepson explained.

Investigations continue in this case and Detective Jepson wanted to remind people not to leave wallets, purses and other valuables in their cars overnight. Here in the Eastern Sierra we are lucky enough to be able to get away with leaving our cars unlocked most of the time, but police recommend locking your car doors as well.