Bishop Paiute Tribe Casino Gas StationSocial Distancing Guidelines Continue to Apply

August 25th 2020 – Inyo County – The Bishop Paiute Gas Station will cautiously resume limited indoor operations beginning Monday, August 31st. As the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Gas Station reopens, the most important consideration will be the health and safety of employees. Employees and patrons must exercise caution throughout the reopening, ensuring strict adherence to protocols. Those include masks being worn at all times inside the store. Only 5 customers will be allowed in the store at any time.

Social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet will be followed.

The comfort of the Tribe’s employees is the most important consideration as they return to work because they may be in a heightened state of concern. We feel it’s important to put into place thoughtful measures to ensure employees are well-positioned to transition back to work with minimal disruption.

The goal is to not only open safely, but to create confidence in our Tribe across employers, employees and customers. As recommended by the County, preventative measures should continue to be followed, such as wearing a cloth or fabric face mask when conducting essential activities outside the home, avoiding contact with sick individuals, wash hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, practicing social distancing of , and adherence to State and County orders

The Bishop Paiute Tribe is a federally recognized Indian tribe located on its 879 acre Bishop Paiute Reservation in Inyo County, California. The Reservation was formed under Congressional Act 5299, P.L. No. 43 of April 20, 1937. The Tribe is committed to the well being of its people. For more information please contact the Bishop Paiute Tribe at (760) 873-3584.

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