Bishop Highway Project Resumes

After a bad batch of asphalt caused delays, construction on Main Street Bishop is set to resume this week.

With too much oil in the asphalt in certain spots downtown, construction crews moved on to 395 between Mill Creek and the Sherwin grade to give Caltrans engineers time to figure out the asphalt issue.

Two intersections will have to be completely ground out and one lane between Line Street and Yaney will have a couple of inches ground off and replaced. Caltrans Engineer Robert Sanchez reports that the final layer off rubberized asphalt should also go down this week.

While the state will end up paying for the asphalt fix, Sanchez reports that the fix wont break the budget. On a whole, he says that the project is still within time and budget limits for the project.

Once the final paving goes down, which should all be done at night, the next step is digging out the various utility covers and manholes, with the striping the final step.

In other road construction news, a Lakes Basin business owner that we recently spoke to wanted to remind Mammoth locals that there is no construction on the Lake Mary road on the weekends. Along with the new trolley service that turns around at Horshoe Lake, a trip to the Lakes Basin is relatively hassle free on Saturday and Sunday.


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