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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





Twelve students from Bishop High School competed in Alpine Ski Racing with Mammoth and Rim of the World High Schools on January 26th and27th.

The students participated in two Giant Slalom (GS) races on the first day and two Slalom races on the second.  The stellar race department at Mammoth Mountain facilitated the event for thestudents.

Ski team coaches Bill Egan and Ilissa Twomey were both extremely proud of all the racers for their focus, grit and dedication.  In preparing for the races, the students rise early each Sunday leaving Bishop just as the sun is rising to train all day.  The hard work of the team’s seven first time ski racers and five veteran racers paid off.  It is not easy to face down that steep terrain full of tight turns with the proper angulation and all the Bishop students raced hard and gave it their all with each racer completing at least one race.

Each race consists of two runs for a combined time. The small but mighty women’s team finished in the top ten: freshman Teagan Orr placed 10th in GS and junior Jade Scott placed 9th in the highly technical slalom event.  The men also fared well with several top ten finishes in all four races. Senior Will Twomey ended with three 3rd place finishes and one fourth place. Wyatt Schober had three solid 5th places and one 8th place, Jacob Gilbert accomplished a 5th, 6th, and two 9th places and Tyler Gilbert ended with three 8th places and one 9th place. Senior Greg Tordoff finished 10th in both slalom races.  Sophomore Finn Zeugswetter placed 7th in the afternoon slalom race.

Competing in their first races with a strong showing were Brody Berkovatz, Elan Boehme, Hunter Dermody, and Victor Tordoff.

The team races again February 16th and 17th at Mammoth Mountain.